Trust Flow

Trust Flow

Trust Flow is a metric which attempts to quantify the trustworthiness or the quality of backlinks that are pointing to a site. The idea behind it is the higher the Trust Flow, the higher quality the sites link profile is.

Trust Flow is one of two metrics that are produced by Majestic SEOs Site Explorer tool, (the other is Citation Flow). Trust flow (aka “TF”) and citation flow (aka “CF”) work hand in hand to give an overview of how powerful a website’s backlink profile is. Each has different functions.

Trust Flow is calculated by analyzing how close each link is to a seed set of websites that have been manually curated by Majestics researchers.

These seed websites are some of the big boys in the SEO world, and the seed website list is kept as a trade secret. But it almost certainly includes many .Gov and .Edu sites, and some of the super high authority sites, Eg: WebMD and TechCrunch.

Highest trust flow

Take a look at the top sites on the Majestic Million and you should be able to pick out a few likely candidates Majestic chose.

Websites that are directly linked to by one of these seed websites have a very high Trust Flow rating.

For example, let’s say Website A gets a link from This SEO knows Trump personally and Trump gave a homepage link to Website A.

This is awesome news for Website A, who is probably now dominating whatever niche he is in. He now has a super high Trust Flow rating.

Now if Website A links out to Website B, it will pass along some (but not all) of that Trust Flow to Website B.

If Website B, links to Website C, who links to Website D, the same thing happens, over and over again.

Trust flow is passed, but the amount is weakened as the direct connection to gets further and further away in the chain.

The closer your website is to these seed websites, the higher your websites TF will be.

How To Increase Trust Flow

Trust Flow is much harder to increase than citation flow. To increase it you need to try and acquire links from sites which themselves have a high TF score. Quality is much more important than quantity here.

Because the seed websites that have been used by Majestic to calculate TF have been chosen because they are trustworthy – it means you probably cannot obtain links on them easily.

That is the whole point of Trust Flow.

One way to increase your TF rating is to create some excellent content, possibly with viral potential, and do manual outreach to high Trust Flow websites.

You will need to build relationships with the editors and hopefully get them to link to your website organically.

What Is A Good Trust Flow

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by people that are new to SEO. The only real answer to it is this.

A good TF is one that is higher than your competitors.

You see, Trust Flow is all relative.

A website trying to rank for “Canine Face Painting In Smalltownville, USA” will need a very low amount of TF to be a considered “good”.

On the other hand a website ranking for something like “Best SEO New York” could have loads of TF, but still be considered inadequate compared to the competition.

But to give you a rough idea of the scale of things, a TF of less than 15 is usually a weak website that has few quality backlinks.

A TF rating of between 20 and 25 is an average website, which has a respectable link profile.

And anything over 25 is a trustworthy, high power website that will need some serious work to outrank.

But remember, Trust Flow is a metric invented by Majestic SEO which means it have no correlation or definite impact on your Google ranking.