SEO Glossary

We are dedicated to creating one of the most accurate, up to date, and most importantly – impartial resources for all things SEO related.

  • Alt Text - Alt text, also known as alternative text or alt tags, is used to help describe images. This helps the search engine understand images and is used for blind readers.
  • Anchor Text - Anchor text is the name given to the clickable text of a hyperlink. Google uses it when determining how contextual a link is and treat it like a description of the link target.
  • Backlinks - A backlink is any kind of external link on a website. It doesn’t matter if it’s a footer link, a blog comment link, or even an image link, if site A links to site B in any way, shape, or form, that’s a backlink. There are many aspects to a well-rounded SEO campaign.
  • Black Hat SEO - Black Hat SEO is a term that describes aggressive SEO techniques that are used to manipulate Googles search engine rankings (the opposite of which is White Hat SEO). What makes a technique black hat is open to interpretation, and depends largely on who you are asking.
  • Citation Flow - Citation Flow is a metric designed to predict how influential a link or a site may be. It does this by analyzing the quantity of incoming links. Unlike Trust Flow, it does not care about the quality of links.
  • Crawler - A crawler is a computer program that traverses the internet and inspects the content of web pages. Crawlers are nearly always automated, and they are smart enough to navigate their way around the web on their own - without the need for human interaction.
  • Keyword - A keyword is the word or phrase that you want to make present in your website’s content in order for your page to be found through the search engines. The keyword is typically a common search term related to whatever content you have created.
  • Link Building - There are many factors that Google takes into account when determining where a website should be positioned in the SERPS. However the most important variable, by a long way – is the number of backlinks a website has.
  • Meta Title - Meta title is basically the title of your web page, but it’s within the meta tags. This means search engines will have a title for your page when it shows up in the SERP.
  • NoFollow Link - A NoFollow link is a backlink that does not pass link juice. It looks the same as any other link to to the user but to the crawler it says "I don't vouch for this site so don't follow this link".
  • PageRank - PageRank is the name of a metric used by Google to quantify the backlinks pointing to a website. All websites are given a PageRank score between 0-10 where the higher score is better.
  • PBN - A Private Blog Network (PBN) is a website or a collection of websites owned by an SEO which is used for the sole purpose of linking to websites they are trying to rank.
  • SERP - SERP is an acronym and stands for Search Engine Results Page. These pages are the results that show up after doing a search through a search engine like Google. Type your keyword or phrase, what pops up is a SERP.
  • Trust Flow - Trust Flow is a metric which attempts to quantify the trustworthiness or the quality of backlinks that are pointing to a site. The idea behind it is the higher the Trust Flow, the higher quality the sites link profile is.
  • White Hat SEO - White Hat SEO is when you only use approved strategies to optimize a website for search engines. This often refers to following Google's guidelines and putting the user first instead of the search engine.